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  • For those in a Home Office setting, this is the difference between a Rate Committee's two-day project becoming a five-minute solution.
  • This is a marketing organization's answer to keeping competitive with products and rates.
  • Broker Dealers can now effectively perform their duties and due diligence under Notice to Members 05-50.
  • To our prospective subscribers who are producers: this website can make the difference between you losing a case and conserving it. It can also assist you in making the decision on which products are most suitable for your clients.

Our website is innovative, resourceful, comprehensive, and intended to fulfill the needs all of those interested in the independent agent Fixed, Indexed, and Multi-Year Guaranteed annuity markets (Note: member services are not available to consumers!). We hope that you will use this website as much as we do! Please feel free to contact us via email through the Contact Us page with any questions or suggestions regarding the website.

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